• WD

    Linda Rivero

    District Registered Nurse

    (915) 765-3065

  • Mission  

    The Tornillo Independent School District Wellness Department will empower each student to achieve their individual learning potential by promoting optimal health, wellness and safety.



    The TISD Wellness Department is dedicated to communicating and demonstrating our concerns and commitment for each student, resulting in each student feeling like an appreciated and valued member of the school community.


    The TISD Wellness Department will:

    • Provide each child with a safe and caring environment that enables him or her to develop healthy decision making skills.
    • Collaboratively monitor the physical, social and emotional wellness of each child.
    • Provide confidentiality to colleagues, parents/guardians and children.
    • Model healthy habits to all students.
    • Grow as a professional team and build on our strengths.
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