Telehealth Services

  • Tornillo ISD is proud to partner with Goodside Health to bring healthcare services to our district. Goodside Health providers can assess, diagnose, and treat the most common pediatric conditions – all from the convenience of your school campus.

    Every student is eligible to register for SchoolMed, regardless of insurance or residency status. 

    Just Like a Clinic Visit!
    SchoolMed works just like a clinic visit. When your student feels sick at school, they can go to the school health room to receive care. Students can be online with a Goodside Health provider within a few minutes! When a prescription is needed, the provider will call it into the local pharmacy. You can pick up medications on the way to pick-up your student. Parents & Guardians can also join every visit via third-party video calling. SchoolMed also creates school excuse notes for students and parents/guardians.

    How to Register
    Register for SchoolMed and make sure every student has instant access to care when they feel sick at school! Sign up online anytime at Select your school district from the dropdown, click the link, and be sure to answer every question. You can also fill out a paper registration form. Fill it out completely, and return it to the school nurse.

    Goodside Cares
    SchoolMed is provided at the lowest possible cost to families. The final cost of a visit depends on your health insurance. You may be responsible for a copay, deductible, or coinsurance. For questions about cost, send us a question at – or – contact your health plan to learn more. Goodside Health established the Goodside Cares program to provide financial assistance for families in need. Learn more and apply for help at