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    The mission of the TISD Athletics program is to ensure and enhance the quality of life for the youth by providing competitive activities. The matching of one’s skills, knowledge, and talent against friendly opponents is a means of learning one’s own strengths and weaknesses.


    The Tornillo Independent School District believes that the district athletic program should be an integral part of the total education process.

    Good contest, properly supervised, give youthful competitors the opportunity to gain self-confidence, improve skills, exhibit good sportsmanship, ethical behavior and integrity. Sports programs help the participant develop physically, morally, and mentally.

    Athletic offerings within the district are competitive and diversified, thereby allowing students the opportunity to realize their full potential relative to growth and development. All programs are designed not only to teach athletic skills, but also to instill good character and teach sound values.

    It is felt that the success of the athletic program sets the tone for the entire school year. It builds a positive self image for the individual athlete, the team, the school, the community, and importantly, for Tornillo ISD.

    It is our final goal that sports activities will produce young men and women who will be able to enter the community and become constructive, contributing members of society; citizens that will leave their mark on this world by making it a better place for the future generations.


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