Absences Excused By Law

Although perfect attendance is the goal, it’s not always possible. School districts are required to excuse a student’s absence for reasons listed in state law, such as to:

  • Observe a religious holy day
  • Attend a required court appearance 
  • Serve as an election clerk
  • Appear at a governmental office to complete paperwork required in connection with the student's application for U.S. citizenship
  • Take part in a U.S. naturalization oath ceremony
  • Sound "Taps" at a military honors funeral held in Texas for a deceased veteran (grades 6-12 are eligible)
  • Attend a healthcare appointment (student must return to school on the same day of appointment)
  • Visit college campuses (juniors and seniors)

The Texas Education Code describes these reasons in greater detail and lists additional statutorily excused absences.